What is a "potent"? 

Potent (n) [poh•tents]:

1. A collection of all natural, nearly mystical, alchemetical concoctions.

2. Powerful, mighty and super tasty elixirs, tinctures, bitters or shrubs lovingly formulated and produced in Tacoma, Washington by Reverend Al. 

What is an elixir?

Simply put, an elixir is a fancy word for syrup, traditionally used to deliver medicine but I'm not trying to make any medical claims– well, other than fortifying the constitution against mundanity, a remedy to lifeless parties and a cure for both the heebies and the jeebies. 

What is a shrub? 

A shrub is also known as a drinking vinegar. Basically it's fruit or vegetables masticated in a sweetener and mixed with vinegar to make a bright and refreshing beverage concentrate. 

Do you have a store? 

No. I'm at the Proctor Farmers' Market, most Saturdays from 9AM - 2PM from March to the weekend before Christmas. 

Bona Fide Potents can also be found at the Delightful Neighborhood Market on N 45th and Ferdinand. 

Do you sell online? 

Not on a regular basis. Shipping is another job (that I'm not very good at.) But that's changing soon. Keep an eye on this space or follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

Are you really a reverend? 

Yes I am but not that kind. About 10 years ago, my brother was getting married and the preacher who was set to perform the ceremony had a death in his congregation. Well, it's the night before the wedding and the preacher doesn't show up to the rehearsal dinner and isn't responding to phone calls. I hopped on the Universal Life Church's website and got ordained then I registered with the county as "plan B." Unfortunately the preacher showed up.

He did a good job though. The marriage stuck, I have a great sister-in-law and a beautiful niece and nephew. 

A few years later, I was honored to perform a wedding for a couple dear friends.