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Rabbit hole


About 10-12 years ago I fell down a rabbit hole. I made my first batch of bitters out of curiosity and got hooked on the experimental, alchemical nature of crafting various cocktail ingredients and beverages. Then I started making small batches for friends, family and special occasions until I couldn't  see myself doing anything else. So last year I decided to take a run at it and have looked forward to making and selling Potents each and every day since.


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Reverend Al's Bona Fide Potents are a collection of all natural, nearly mystical, alchemetical ingredients. Each batch of bitters, tinctures, elixirs and shrubs is lovingly formulated and produced in Tacoma, Washington.

I start with locally grown or ethically sourced whole fruits and vegetables then work, mix, steep, extract, press, strain, filter and bottle my Potents one batch at a time. It's labor intensive and takes longer but the results are so much better… and I think you'll agree. 

Local & Ethical

As different fruits and vegetables come into season, my line-up changes. The majority of my ingredients come from locally owned, family farms. What I can't find in the Puget Sound region, like citrus or spices, I get from companies, farmers and producers who are committed to a fair and sustainable food system. Again, this isn't the easiest path to take, but it's better for our collective health and environments.

Reverend Al

  Photo by Suki Dardarian

Photo by Suki Dardarian

I am Reverend Al, but you can call me “Albert” for short. As an Army brat, our family traveled a lot. I grew up on my mom's Korean food and my dad's constant experimentation with Soul food and barbecue. We lived in Germany, South Korea and finally settled down in Washington State. Each country, each community taught me a little more about their culture through food and celebration. And it's with that mindset that I travel as an adult–– let's have a bite and show me how you have fun.